How to make sure your content marketing doesn’t suck. A Field Guide, Part Two

Jul 17, 2020 | Interest

Unlocking the essence of your brand through your content will bring rewards, but you need to avoid a few traps.

You’ve worked hard to ensure your content reflects the character of your brand. In an effort to continue ‘sharpening your content sword’, try to avoid these howlers by giving proper attention to the needs of your audience.

  1. Incorrect information

Nothing will knife your content more than false information  – especially fake news. So, beyond proofreading for spelling and grammar errors, check the veracity of every claim in an article before publishing it.

Having your content fact-checked is a must to build credibility. Credibility builds trust, and trust drives revenue

  1. Obsessing about length (ahem)

There’s loads of discussions on the merits of 500 versus 2,000 word posts. Both arguments promise an ideal length that offers a way of keeping readers engaged with your content. But that’s not the point.  Your content – whether a 10 second or 10 minute read – should always be purposeful and in a succinct way that respects your reader’s time

  1. Irrelevance

Poor content is irrelevant and doesn’t add value. It doesn’t answer a question, solve a pain point and it doesn’t entertain. The point here is audience. We need to continuously challenge our assumptions, with analytics and yes, intuition

  1. Negativity

Don’t focus on attacking others in the market. Trying to put the competition down and creating conflict is not cool. Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats

  1. Fluff is not fun

Unnecessarily padding content by adding irrelevant words simply to make the desired word count to satisfy Google comes at the cost of poor audience experience

  1. Ticking the boxes

Being generic won’t help you. “We blog three times a week because it’s great for SEO.” Unless you have something to say, you’ll end up with sterile, recycled blog pieces that don’t represent the essence of your brand

Avoid these traps and liberate the real story of your brand. If you need support, tap  or hit the WhatsApp button or contact him at or find him on social


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