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Aug 27, 2020 | Interest

Part one of a two-part blog: Why your product descriptions are one of the most important aspects of your sales conversion, by Richard Mark Webb

If you’re involved in the automotive market, you already know your product listings must be original and exceptionally well-written. Google heavily penalises sites for using unoriginal content with a low page rank, and in turn, fewer people will even be able to see your content and that ultimately results in reduced sales.

It can be especially mind-numbing when you have a long list of items on your product page to work through and crazy deadlines to get it done. Whether you’re selling through ecommerce, a ‘brochure’ website, or offline; your product content makes up some of the most important content you’ll ever create.

Yet all too often the creation of those vital descriptions – explaining what the product is and why it’s worth purchasing – is left to whoever got the short straw. Yikes! Great product descriptions need to augment your product pages by selling your products to real buyers, and you can’t achieve that by simply ‘going through the motions.’

Even though authentic product content holds mammoth power, it can be hard to write consistently. Even professional copywriters struggle to instinctively know the difference between specifics – think Corvair, Corsair and Corvette, or the reason a ’68 Alfa Romeo Spider is infinitely more desirable than the ’88 version. (Trust me on this one, okay?)

The higher the price any given car is – the harder the potential buyer will work at making sure they find the right offering. To feel confident about the purchase, they will look for solid proof (be it social or other) of the vehicle’s provenance.

Creating original, authentic and effective descriptions while ensuring they are persuasive and lucid is tough. It is a task quite beyond many. (Full disclosure; I write product descriptions for successful brands like Aston Martin Works to Hagerty International. Keyword rich, SEO friendly product descriptions will improve your content’s page rank and help you attract more business.)

Well-optimised content and product descriptions help to assuage every concern a potential buyer might have about your offering and puts you and your brand into P1.

Take home points for this week

* Write product descriptions which will satisfy every concern a potential buyer could have. Well considered descriptions will answer most initial queries any potential buyer might have

* Avoid jargon which often intimidates or irritates buyers. If you don’t have the resources internally, find writers who can create practical, easy to read, meaningful content and catchy headings

* Create keyword rich, SEO friendly product descriptions that will improve your page rank and help you attract more business

* Make sure your product descriptions are unique and compelling. There to ensure your content is original and stands out from the competition

* Speaking of your competition, by all means stalk their content, but don’t get too influenced by it. Your story is unique, and it needs to be told uniquely

Next week, the second part of this blog gets under the bonnet with specific ideas to help make your automotive product listings world-class – week in, week out. No excuses!

Richard Mark Webb works with automotive brands that believe credibility is important. By creating content that sells, my product descriptions come with that feel-good ‘fizz’ that your competitors would love to have. My quick turnaround time will help galvanise your automotive product listings.


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